Technology in the New Era

Technology has been a significant part of the transition into the New Age. Thanks to the Internet and social media, Lightworkers are able to share channelled information and new ideas with those around the globe who are seeking a higher vibration. Soul families are being united and other dimensional beings are able to share their messages with those meant to hear them. To understand the power of what is happening digitally, it is essential to understand the process of creation. Even if a thought is only known to the thinker, it forever becomes part the consciousness of civilization. Since thought is energy, which cannot be destroyed, the only thing that can happen to a thought is for it to be transmuted into another form. This is accomplished through intention. If the thought is written, it becomes even more powerful, yet it can, at some point, be retracted and replaced by a different thought.

As new information regarding the ascension process is written on web pages and social media sites, the vibrations that those messages carry is integrated into the Light Quotient of humanity. Channeled messages that have a very high vibration, have the ability to exponentially enlighten those who are open to and who vibrate with the message. This can be seen by the increase in the number of Lightworkers moving into the New Era, which began in 2013; the foundation of which, is being constructed as the messages of Light become available, mainly in digital format.

Thanks to infra-red satellite technology, remains of past civilizations that are still buried, are being detected from space. These archeological discoveries expose a heritage that validates what Lightworkers already know about from information received in channels and personal memories of other incarnations. It is becoming accepted, even in forward thinking scientific circles, that there were far more advanced civilizations on Earth than the current one. What is yet to be accepted by science, is that and many who are alive today also had other lifetimes in those cultures that are long gone.

As ruins are excavated, carbon dated and the findings are returned, it is being confirmed that advanced people thrived on Earth much earlier than traditional history books claim. As technology advances, it might be a good idea for historians, who intend to re-write history, based on the new discoveries, to leave a window of opportunity open for the possibility that this is not the end of what might be found. In light of these discoveries, the word ancient takes on new meaning. Interestingly, when one takes stock of what is found in the ruins of such cultures, there is very little recorded history to be found. How is it that these mathematically advanced societies, which built with precision that surpasses that of current modern times, lasted so long, but did not amass vast libraries containing the wisdom and knowledge that had been accumulated over the centuries? Why is there not more than the few wall carvings and hieroglyphics found on the sides of buildings.

In modern day culture, it is assumed that all that is learned must be recorded for posterity. The more knowledge that is gathered in the libraries of each culture, the wiser the society considers itself. However, writing and reading are not the only forms of recording information. Ancient civilizations, truly ancient civilizations, knew of other means of communicating and preserving knowledge. Crystals were used to store information, move objects provide free, clean energy and heal the body and mind. None of these technologies have been developed by modern science. However, at the rate that the digital age is developing, many amazing changes might be right around the corner.

Indigenous cultures share their sacred wisdom, beliefs and knowledge orally from person-to-person. Happily though, this system is returning to modern-day culture in the form of the Internet and social networking, through which information is shared from person to person. Do you get it? The old ways are returning, but in a new platform. Technology is the expression of humanity’s current major achievements, the next step out of the darkness and the canvas of communication of the New Era.

People are now reconnected through social media. Boundaries of all sorts are forgotten and there is a global community being formed. Do you see the beauty of it? At the same time, many are removing themselves from direct human contact with others, which has been the primary form of communication over the centuries, yet, in doing so, other methods of communication, through voice, written word and video are taking its place. Does this take something away from human relations? Yes, but it also adds something else in its place. Is one better than the other? Moving away from this linear way of thinking of which is better, allows one to realize that there are many ways for humans to connect. In fact, emotions are just as strong between people communicating in these new ways as they are meeting face to face. Since so much emphasis is placed on physical appearance in modern culture, many find it easier to be honest and open with someone they are getting to know, when it is done with the buffer of the Internet between them. The ability to tune into a person telepathically is being awakened and consequently strengthened in people as they connect with others remotely. It is just as easy to fall in love with someone on the Internet as it is in person.

As the technological phenomenon of social media takes place, new neural pathways are being created by an entire generation of predominantly young people who are placing their focus on electronic devices as they text and connect with the knowledge of the world at their fingertips. These new activities are developing skills, both physical and mental, necessary for the future development of individuals living in the modern world. At the moment, it might seem like just texting, but the parts of the brain that are being utilized by this activity will be used for technology that has yet to be discovered. Humans are not developing new technology, for all technology already exists. They are only discovering and deploying it. One breakthrough leads to the next, until little by little, in the not so distant future, there will again be an entirely new reality in place. After all, not so long ago there was no Internet and a typewriter was the means of placing words on paper.

Until the last century, education was not common amongst the masses and information was only available to a select few, but today, thanks to technology, anyone with an Internet connection can get an education. Major universities offer free online classes and virtually any subject can be researched on the web. This has resulted in rapid evolutionary shifts in previously uneducated sectors of the population. The results can be seen in the massive protests, organized on the Internet in very short periods of time. Entire governments can be toppled by a Facebook group. It used to be that these sort of revolutions took much time, planning, preparation and years of struggle. What was once a long process can now be accomplished in days-power is being returned to the people.

Technology is changing and evolving in proportion to the rate of Conscious Human Evolution, there’s no stopping it. There is no precedent that we know of upon which to measure the progress, no guidebooks and no manuals. We are in uncharted territory. Yet, those aware of the New Era, living outside the realm of the collective consciousness, are assisted by the technology that accompanies their advancement. There is definitely a plan within the creative consciousness of the universe to assist mankind in rising to heights that it has not seen for eons. At this time, there are beings whose purpose it is to assist humanity in its development and gratitude must be given to those that are sending Light and transferring information through Lightworkers who are channeling them. There is no denying that the new information is coming from an extraterrestrial source. The term extraterrestrial is meant to describe not only beings living on other planets, but all those living outside the third dimension on Earth, including Angels, Ascended Masters and other beings of light. The vibration of the messages that are received from them is an accelerator to the process of moving into the New Era.

What the technology of the future will bring, we can only imagine; however, remember this, what can be created with the mind, can also be created in the Third Dimension and as the overall vibration of humanity becomes higher, people will be able to accomplish things that are currently believed to be impossible. An indicator of what is in store can be found in movies. Fiction is an account of what is happening in another dimension. The writer is connected through a thinning of the veil to another place, tapping into the story. Once it is brought into the consciousness of millions of people, it then becomes part of reality. Even though it is considered it to be fiction, it is now added to the collective consciousness. It is no coincidence that stories like Harry Potter, Avatar, Once Upon a Time are becoming mainstream at this time. The fairy tales and legends that ever have been told are all account of events that took place in another time. They are tales of our multidimensional heritage. There really is no such thing as fiction.

It was necessary for a substantial amount of people to evolve to a higher level by 2013 so that humanity could step into its new energetic platform. This has occurred. The New Era has been created and its foundation is the electromagnetic grid of the earth, which after eons is again intact. This ensures that never again will humanity fall to the level it had in the last era. Now, finally, those who have embraced the new reality will create a system of living on Earth that will benefit all. Technology is the platform of the New Era that is being built. Embrace it, for it is your future.

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Use HR Technology for Startup Hiring

Starting a business is rarely an easy venture, and one of the main challenges comes in setting up and organizing a Human Resource Department. Of those companies that still use in house software to manage necessary HR technology, most are working with outdated systems that are at least five years old. Making necessary changes and upgrades is time consuming and expensive, and with many digital companies employing less than 10 employees, and the vast majority working with a staff of 250 at most, theses challenges can easily become overwhelming. Many companies are turning to cloud based HR Technology to assist in their hiring as well as other Human Resource related tasks. By using cloud based systems small and medium sized companies have access to software that is regularly updated by the host, and they are able to stay current and access useful information the HR technology provides. Since time, money and experience are all sticking points for many startups it is extremely helpful to have these resources at their fingertips without having to hire extra people to manage it.

Opportunities of a Digital Economy
Throughout history, the global economy has gone through various stages, where a certain segment of the economy has become dominant. Once agriculture was the center, and then the industrial revolution changed things, and with the digital economy still in a growth stage the focus is shifted once again. Technology is being incorporated into nearly every kind of business including healthcare, home improvement, the automotive industry, energy management, finance, the government and more. Regardless of the industry, new businesses can take advantage of HR Technology as they move through the hiring process and enter into the crucial early months of their professional relations.

Finding Team Players for Your Startup
But even as HR technology makes life easier for newer small to medium sized businesses, these companies still need to define their values and develop a sense of what they want from their employees. They also need to nurture their own brand in order to make the right impression to their prospects.

With fewer employees, each person on staff counts that much more. Before setting out on a recruiting mission, startups need to define exactly what they really need from those who work with them and consider attributes that would benefit the company that they could live without if they had to. This means composing strong job descriptions that outline the needs of the company and that are upfront about potential challenges that a new recruit might face.

By the time many startups come to the conclusion that they need help, they often are eager to hire somebody “yesterday.” But rushing the hiring process isn’t a good idea. Interviews need to be well planned and organized, connect with the applicant on a personal level, and properly present the company’s story and the meaning of their brand. There should be time for more than a single interview, and the applicant should be able to envision their place as a part of the company, not just as someone who works for it.

While leaving a good impression is always good, startups also need to be honest about what a candidate should expect if they decide to join the team. The culture of a startup often runs at a fast or even inconsistent pace. When the day to day realities are not properly communicated, turnover can occur in a matter of weeks and even more resources will need to be placed in recruiting and training efforts.

Current HR technology can help make hiring easier for new and smaller businesses. With access to analytics there is less guesswork to what it means to find a “good fit.”

Building Strong Working Relationships
When it comes to salary, many startups can’t offer what their larger competitors are putting on the table, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something special to offer. Many owners look into hiring workers who are able to work remotely. This expands the candidate pool to include overseas employees or allows people to work from home. Many consider this an invaluable benefit. Once hired, employees need to be given ownership of their responsibilities, and encouragement to take a vested interest. Let them know they are part of the company, and not simply “worker bees.” Take time to communicate with staff regularly to address concerns, listen to ideas, and limit frustration and disappointment where everyone is concerned.

Producer Versus Beat-Maker: Utilizing Creativity Over Technology

There is a real concrete difference between being a beat-maker and a bona fide hip-hop producer. Many of my colleagues will agree that just because you have a drum machine, a few software programs, and a whole lot of ambition, you are not a music producer. Being music producer and more specifically a hip-hop producer entails a level of dedication that expands beyond making what you feel is a hot beat. A producer has to have the ability to take a concept and develop it into a completed song. Sometimes it begins with sample, bass line, hook, or merely a piano riff, but once an idea has been fully developed a song will be created as a result.

A few years ago, super hit maker Sean “Diddy” Combs was the topic of a many barbershop and studio arguments. People would say that Diddy was not a real producer because he didn’t physically tap a drum machine or play a keyboard. In my opinion, this was a dumb argument because by definition Diddy exemplified music production. What many don’t realize is that the greatest component of music production is producing a finished product, regardless of who played the instruments. Only in genres like dance and Hip Hop do producers physically create the beats and music. In Rock & Roll the band creates the music and the producer polishes their raw ideas and sounds into a commercially saleable end product. Hip Hop producers like Kanye West and Timbaland are hands on with creating beats, but both of them can create equally as great masterpieces without touching a thing.

Consider this, a coach of a football team takes a group of individual players, conditions them, and teaches them plays that help them win games. In the same aspect, the coach is a producer. As someone who is just breaking into the music business, I would suggest not to get too hung on the title. Concentrate on the finished results and the titles and money come later. Be flexible, if you have the chance to work with a brand name artist, then be happy you have an opportunity to shine-most don’t. Whether you get credit as a producer, engineer, programmer, co-producer, or production assistant, your name will verifiably credible within the music business. I hear fledgling producers and beat-makers complaining all the time about people stealing their music or cutting them out of the deal. First off if you get screwed over the first time, charge it to the game, it’s the nature of the beast. If you get screwed over a second time, you are a moron and should beg for your job back at Wendy’s. Secondly, if you are going to be in this business you need read and learn as much as you can about navigating the music industry. I suggest you begin your education by purchasing a copy of The Future of the Music Business by music business attorney Steve Gordon. As far as music business books are concerned this is the most comprehensive and relevant book available on how to succeed in today’s digital music market. For a Hip-Hop perspective I recommend you read my book, Gotta Get Signed How to Become a Hip Hop Producer. My book will fill in the gaps of Steve’s book concerning Hip Hop production and what are the key components of surviving in the rap game.

Avoid Being a Technology Junkie

It is quite easy to get lost in the world of music technology. New technologies are emerging daily and if you constantly have to play catch up, you will never get any real work done. Instead spending every dime you can get your hands on at Sam Ash Music or the Guitar Center use what music making tools you already have access to. Remember, it’s not what you have; it is how well you use it. I have heard music created at million dollar recording studios that sounded like crap, and music recording in someone’s bedroom that was fantastic, so don’t get caught up in the wrong thing, stay focused on the craft, not the technology. For every new tool you attempt to learn you lose ten times the creative juice. Super producer and rapper Kanye West creates beat using the Ensoniq ASR-10 circa 1994 and the Akai MPC60 (“MIDI Production Center 60”) circa 1988. This goes to show that is not about the technology, but the creativity.

© 2011, Sahpreem A. King, Music Business Guru,

New Business Ideas for 2011 – Today’s Entrepreneur

One of the best ways of making a good profit on the market is to come up with new business ideas for 2011 that are innovative and have a good profit potential. Talented individuals with a vision for the future will foresee products and services that will be needed in the years to come. By investing and building a business based on the vision, many entrepreneurs are able to create successful businesses where they are able to make immense profits. By understanding the market, many entrepreneurs are able to foresee the future and create and invent amazing products that are profitable and useful.

Coming up with new business ideas for 2011 can be rather difficult; however, with a little bit of skill, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. It requires some knowledge and some creativity involving one’s skills and interest. By investing in a field that one is interested in, entrepreneurs are able to build successful businesses that have a higher chance of blossoming and growing. There are a couple of industries that have been known to be extremely popular in the market; those who invest in these industries by contributing new ideas will find themselves successfully breaking into the market and potentially making a huge profit.

Consider the market today. For one, investing in technology is generally a great idea. Those who are able to find new ways of improving technology or creating technological devices that are useful in daily life will find that they are on the right path. Technology and electronics is a huge field that is constantly growing; however, generally speaking, those who are interested in expanding in this field will have to be professionals who are already submerged within its work. As technology is a growing industry, details involving technology are rapidly evolving daily, making it extremely hard to get started in.

Other than technology, many other new business ideas for 2011 revolve around the idea of energy. Energy is a much-needed resource in today’s society, and gas and oil prices are sky rocketing. Those who are interested in finding potential energy resources that are able to provide the necessities to households will also be on a great road as well. There are many different companies that are looking for alternative forms of energy, and those who are interested in researching on alternative energies may find a breakthrough that will allow them to make millions of dollars.

Depending on the type of skill and interest that one has, different types of ideas will rake in different results and provide a different type of future. Rather than working for someone else, find new business ideas for 2011 worth investing in, and go for it. There are so many different routes available for those who have vision enough to create some new business ideas for 2011.

Innovative Ideas for Adapting Your Business to Changing Market Conditions

Because the “click and order”, internet enabled entrepreneur is forcing the “brick and mortar” business owner to radically change the way they’re going about building, sustaining and growing their businesses, it is simply not possible to wish, hope and pray that your business is going see a drastic overhaul without feeding it some type of technological over-haul, which will aid at improving things.

Truth be told, it’s not so much business owners that want to see the many changes taking place in business, it’s the customers. Discount buying, online shopping, social shopping and a lack of customer loyalty are all variables that face business owner in the economy of today.

If you are not using innovative ideas for adapting your business to changing market conditions, what are you doing? Whether or not you want to infuse technology to back your efforts is totally fine, just don’t expect to be nearly as effective with your conversions as compared to using technology.

The most demanded job in any marketplace is being a social media manager. According to an article in Inc. Magazine (April 7, 2010), there were over 22,258 social media manager positions available at that time – do you think the demand for business owners wanting to increase social media presence has changed?

Most companies don’t R-E-A-L-L-Y know how to market using social media, but they know they need to. Although there is no formal certification or license to deem you “credible” as a social media manager or consultant, allowing ourselves to stretch the uncommon is the “secret pill” for transitioning into this world.

Below is a 3 part list of items that you can implement today to change the way you may be using innovative ideas for adapting your business to changing market conditions:

1. Put A Blog Into Play As Fast As Possible– Although blogging is not as effective as it was 6 months ago, it will significantly enhances search engine optimization (SEO) capacity as compared to a static website, will capture targeted customer’s information and ease your efforts when developing a ‘raving fan’ base. Bottom-line, get a blogging immediately.

2. Put A Free Report Together To Give Away– The entrepreneur who has the most appealing front-end offer usually will have the upper-hand on winning over new prospective customers and clients. Giving away a free report brands your expert nature, as well as your ability to express to a customer that you care about servicing their every need.

3. Use Video In As Many Marketing Campaigns As Possible – Video has been proven to be 50% more effective at delivering a message than that of any formal sales presentation. Considering most companies want to learn how to get their website to the top of Google, an insider tip would be to use YouTube videos because YouTube is owned by Google, thus being their ally.

The most effective marketer is the one who has the best campaign created to support their online efforts. Another power strategy is to create your campaign to be delivered on automation, using the ‘tools of technology’, allowing you to be the most “socially savvy” entrepreneur in you marketplace.